Toushin supports wide range of system solutions on a project-to-project basis, using technology we have developed for many years. Conveyor control system / Industrial machinery control system / Wind power generation control system / Plant control system / System replacement We take orders individually for the followings. Controlgear assembly and installation / PLC software development / Microcomputer circuit board development / Software development / LED indicator / Harness processing / Electrical work on substation / Communication / optical / LAN wiring work
制御システムの設計から現地工事まで敏速に対応。東伸電機工業の提案型一括サポート体制 当社では、一括発注でも請け負える体制を整えています。これまで分割発注されていた物件でも、一括発注することでコスト削減が図れるのではないでしょうか?機械設備の計画についても、パートナー企業との連携で対応します。
Inquiry Inquiry

Prease call us or send you inquiry by Email and let us know what you would like.

Meeting Meeting

Let us visit you for having a meeting and listen to the details.

Site check Site check

Let us check carry-in route and installation site.

Estimate Estimate

We make and submit the estimate.

Contract Contract

Contract mage after you have checked the estimate and give us your approval.

Design in detail Design in detail

We submit the drawing for approval and then develop software.

Production Production

We manufacture the product according to the drawing.

Work at site Work at site

We conduct electrical work and machine wiring at site.

Test run Test run

We conduct test-run on site.

Delivery Delivery

We deliver the products after the test-run, operation witness, and training.